Where I came from, what made me; me

I was born in Basildon in 1980 and have recently returned. From growing up as the eldest boy and middle child in single parent household we moved often meaning life and friends changed regularly, drawn from boredom in our surroundings we would always redecorate to the tastes of the times, and we would craft and learn and grow. Always meeting new people and challenges. In adult life this continued for me in the changing of my idea’s and hence direction. At school i enjoyed art the most in any form and studied both art and dance in college.
I started out my professional life as a really good interior decorator yet always dreaming of starting a business. So at the age of 25 i attended Northampton university to study entrepreneurship, though just as much for the experience as gaining a degree. Here i meet many more friends and great times due to designing and refurbishing the bars and nightclub. which lead to me doing this for a small close-nit business for a decade of ups and downs while attempting and failing to succeed with a number of projects. First attempting to lunch a pub revamping business when many independent publicans each month were going out of business. Next an app for independent high street traders, then virtual reality related content followed by a kick starter for Wellswood Originals, a new range of industrial styled furniture. Generally not succeeding due to finances for the bigger ideas and I’m a person who’s very keen on in-person communication.
Recently I had been working towards IT qualifications and starting out a new career in financial services. I was nearing 40 and believed it best to go down the most employable and well salaried route available now and into the future. Yet was watching programs where people made and restored items such as Salvage Hunters ‘The Restorers’ and craved to be making use of my creative abilities. Which brings us to the creation of this new range of individually unique interior art mirrors.